Other recording apps

There are many free and paid recorders in the AppStore. Most lack features to listen and shuffle the recordings.
The Recorder for Recording and Listening is made for recording and listening practice, where you record often short recordings and listen them on shuffle.
Other apps are more suitable for long recordings, that can be named by topic and would not make sense to play on shuffle.
It's perfectly fine to use multiple recording apps on the phone one for each purpose.

Free app with bookmarks and tags

Could be useful for long recordings, offers premium upgrade.

Free app with folder shuffle

It lacks the following features compared to the Recorder for Recording and Listening:
  • Shuffle recordings in all folders
  • Play Newly made recordings first
  • Play New recordings with shuffle
  • iPhone privacy mode, when playback can be heard through the receiver only
Using builtin apps
Voice Memos and Music apps could be used for recording and listening. This involves manually transferring recordings before they can be listened with shuffle.
  1. Record using VoiceMemo app
  2. Sync with PC using iTunes to transfer recordings to a PC
  3. Edit recordings on PC to change genre from VoiceMemos to Music
  4. Copy recordings into a playlist
  5. Mark the playlist to be synced with iPhone
  6. Sync with iPhone to transfer recordings to iPhone music
  7. Open Music app and select new playlist

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