Recording and Listening Practice

"This is the perfect follow up to the book that 
changed my life, There Is Nothing Wrong with You."
--J. L., North Carolina

"If your attention is on anything other than the life experience you want to be having, that's what you're practicing and that's what you have."

Also available as part of adigital recording collection.
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Excerpt from the book:
"In There Is Nothing Wrong With You, the primary practice tool is a recording of "reassurances." Reassurances are true statements made by one's mentor, or center. The statements are meant to solidify the relationship between the human being (you!) and the wise, compassionate awareness (the "centered you"!) that is available to encourage and support us through life when we turn our attention to it.

In What You Practice Is What You Have, the primary practice tool for learning to direct attention is another recording in which the mentoring process expands. This recording may include your reassurances but that is not the primary purpose. Here is how to take the next step:

In your own voice, make a recording that reminds you of everything you need to remember so that you can make
the choices you know you need to make, from center, to have the life you know is possible for you."

Many suggestions to inspire creation of your recording are given in a section titled "30 days of Exercises: A Self-Guided Workshop." (See sample pages.) Here are a few words from Cheri to get you started with recording and listening: Put anything in your recording that speaks to your heart. Much of what you might choose to record may come from outside sources, but nothing counts until we take it in and get it for ourselves.

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