Transfer Recordings to and from computer

Recorder supports iTunes File Sharing. See iOS: About File Sharing

Here are the step to use iTunes File Sharing:
  • Connect your iPhone to iTunes
  • Select your iPhone in the Devices section of iTunes
  • Select the Apps section at the top of iTunes
  • In the File Sharing section below, select the Recorder for Recording and Listening app
  • To transfer to the computer 
    • In the Documents list to the right, choose the Recordings Folders you want to transfer and either drag them to Finder or.
    • click Save to…, and choose a location on your computer to transfer them to.
  • To transfer to the app from the computer:
    • drag and drop Finder Folders with recordings to "Recording and Listening Documents" section in iTunes
    • if you added new folders the app won't show them immediately. You need to tap Edit, then (+) to add that folder to the list.

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