Transfer Recordings to and from computer

Transfer recordings to and from your computer

The Recorder app works with File Sharing. See iOS: About File Sharing

  • Connect your iPhone to Computer
  • Locate File Sharing for the iPhone on the computer
  • In the File Sharing section choose Recorder app
  • To transfer to the computer:
    • Select recordings folders and drag them into a location on the computer.
    • Wait for folders to be copied and open folders on the computer. There you will find recordings that can be played on the computer.
  • To transfer to the app from the computer you can either drag individual audio files or folders with audio files.
    • To copy individual recordings:
      1. Launch the Recorder app on the iPhone and open the folder where you want to copy the files.
      2. Drag some audio files from the computer into File Sharing and see them appear in the Recorder app.
      3. Note: if the app is not launched during the file transfer the files will appear in "Everything else" folder
    • To copy file folders with recordings:
      1. Drag folders files from the computer into File Sharing and wait for them to appear in File Sharing.
      2. Open Recorder app on the iPhone and add a folder
      3. Notice newly added folder name will match the first folder that was transferred
      4. Keep adding folders until you have all folders that been transferred.

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